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What do UCSD, UC Berkley, UC Irvine, Washington and Jefferson, and the University of Arizona have in common? Students who struggled before they attended NewBridge School. The list goes on and on.

Today’s classrooms are big, busy, and fast. Many students struggle with the rigorous academic requirements, not because of intelligence or motivation. In most cases, no one ever taught these students how to learn efficiently and effectively.

At NewBridge School, highly-trained teachers work in small classrooms to teach research-based learning strategies. Targeted, systematic instruction gives students the know-how, ability and confidence to achieve. We specialize in teaching students with language-based difficulties, such as dyslexia, and those with executive functioning difficulties, such as memory and attention. Our students become successful learners, then transition into some of the best private and public high schools and colleges.

“These are talented young boys and girls who, with the right tools, will succeed anywhere,” says director Steven Mayo. “Our job is to give them the tools, then help them transition into larger, challenging academic pro


NewBridge Learning Center provides intensive 1:1 instruction, using highly specialized programs.


The Koonings Center, an affiliate of NewBridge School, was born from the on-going encouragement from parents and professionals that NewBridge develop a program with the same philosophy and ethic, but targeting students who need more support, for a longer period of time. With this new program we are able to meet the needs of those students.

The Koonings Center, housed on the NewBridge campus, has its own classroom facility, faculty and support staff, but with shared common space and overlapping schedules, in order to facilitate increased social interaction and peer modeling.

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