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You asked; we listened. From the leaders in Strategy-Based education, the NewBridge Learning Center is ideal for students who need one-on-one assistance in key areas of learning including dyslexia and other reading/writing disorders, executive functioning skills, processing difficulties, and memory, as well as e critical academic areas of Language Arts and Mathematics.

Today’s classrooms are big, busy, and fast. Teachers simply cover material, without taking the time to teach students HOW to learn. Many students struggle with the rigorous academic requirements of school, not because of intelligence, or motivation. In most cases, no one ever taught these students how to learn efficiently and effectively. Targeted, systematic instruction gives students the know-how, ability and confidence to achieve.

This is not just tutoring. Our teachers and therapists are experts at analyzing and remediating weak areas, as well as maximizing strengths. Our programs target phonics, reading rate, comprehension (reading and listening), writing, math, visualization and memory skills, processing speed and executive functioning. We teach Students how to learn strategies that help them succeed in today’s fast-paced classroom environments.

Auditory Processing
Executive Functioning

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